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Where to begin your Lighting Renovation?

Renovation season is upon us again!

Where to begin your Lighting Renovation?

Light fixtures are a perfect way to change the overall feel of any room. Some builders and contractors often view lighting as an afterthought rather than a critical style element. The right lighting fixture can transform a room into something new, unique and exciting.

Any interior designer will tell you that good lighting is the most important element of home decorating. Whatever the style, the lighting in a room sets the mood. The versatility of lighting fixtures allows you to express your individual taste and style. General Lighting is the most basic form of lighting, also known as "ambient" lighting, and is used in place of natural sunlight. It enables us to see what we're doing from walking across the room to playing with toys with your kids. It can be accomplished through the use of lamps, chandeliers, ceiling or wall mounted fixtures. It is fundamental to any home or room. 

Flush mount ceiling and sconce wall light fixtures can create a warm and inviting atmosphere, while providing you with the ambient lighting you need to greet guests and assure safety throughout your home. Chandeliers add sparkle and drama to a room, while pendants are best for task lighting. Accent Lighting adds intrigue, drama and flare to any room. Use it to focus attention on artwork, highlight architectural features, or set a mood. The key to accent lighting is to provide at least three times as much light on the focal point as the ambient light around it. 

Interior Lighting Basics

Most interior lighting is focused more on function and serves a purpose instead of decorating a room. This is not the case at Mikael Darni & Company, where the selection of interior lighting is both beautiful and practical. 

The interior lighting choices at Mikael Darni & Company are impressive with a style to fit any need and decor. Consider a traditional pendant light with a single lamp and an attractive glass shade. A wall sconce can be a pleasant addition to a room and can serve not only as a source of light, but as a conversation piece as well. 

Flush mount fixtures are found overhead in nearly every room of the house and are available in a number of attractive metal finishes and colorful glass shades.

We would appreciate
your feedback and will be happy answer any question that you might have!

Happy Renovating! 

Need help to determine your lighting needs?
Visit our helpful sizing blog:

Chandelier Size – How to Determine the Right Chandelier Size for Your Room

          Happy Holiday Season 2015 to all! 

Hope you are all  sharing a wonderful dinner with your family and friends on this Thanksgiving day! 

With the Holiday season  upon us, Mikael and I have had several inquires about how to determine what size chandelier is right for your room? This is a great question and one we hear over and over. 

With the Holiday's, come all size surprises!

We feel that an educated consumer will feel more confident if they can do their own research before they start searching for that unique chandelier that expresses who they are! 

A chandelier is often the focal point in a dining room, so it's important to get a dining room chandelier that not only works well with your décor but is also the right size.

While there are no hard and fast rules, there are a few guidelines that will help you determine the right size for your dining room chandelier.

Determining the right chandelier size for a room can be a bit tricky. If you get one that's too small it will get lost; if you get one that's too big it can completely overwhelm the space. Here are a few tips that will help you get the right size chandelier for your room.

Determining a Chandelier Size

Before following the guidelines below remember that the style and visual weight of the chandelier will also affect the size you should get.

A visually heavy light fixture can be a little bit smaller while a visually light fixture can be a little wider.

A simple way to determine a chandelier size is to add the dimensions of the room together in feet and then convert the answer to inches. The answer in inches should equal the diameter of the fixture.
So if your room measures 10' x 14' the diameter of the fixture should be about 24". Here are a few more quick guidelines to help:
  • If the room is smaller than 10' x 10' the fixture should be 17" to 20" wide.
  • If the room is around 12' x 12' the fixture should be 22" to 27" wide.
  • If the room is around 14' x 14' the fixture should be 24" to 32" wide.

 *** Remember that if you're buying a dining room chandelier to hang above a table you'll also have to take the size of the table into account.

One suggestion is that the diameter of the dining room chandelier should be about one half to two thirds the width of the table it will be hanging over.

Please contact us below if you have any other questions that we can help you with ?

Happy Holidays!

We want to thank our friends over at about.com for such great information!

Information provided by: http://www.about.com/

What is Reverse Glass Painting?

Happy Halloween!

Mikael and I were out eating dinner at a local restaurant The Red Rooster Roadhouse  the other night, when a gentlemen at the bar said to us " I have know your work for years, but never knew what "Reverse painting on glass entailed"
After an engaging conversation about the history of reverse painting and how we got involved with the process, I realized that many others might in the same position of not fully understanding the process, so I decided to look to the experts and share that information with anyone who is interested! Thanks to our friends at Wikipedia for such a great explanation of what reverse painting on glass entails!
From Wikipedia
As always, we would appreciate your feedback and questions! 
 Reverse painting on glass is an art form consisting of applying paint to a piece of glass and then viewing the image by turning the glass over and looking through the glass at the image. Another term used to refer to the art of cold painting and gilding on the back of glass is verre églomisé, named after the French decorator Jean-Baptiste Glomy (1711–86), who framed prints using glass that had been reverse-painted. In German it is known as Hinterglasmalerei.

The painting can be realistic or abstract. Realistic reverse paintings are more challenging to create as one must, for example, in painting a face, to put the pupil of an eye on the glass before the iris, exactly the opposite of normal painting. If this is neglected the artist will not be able to correct the error as they will not get in between the glass and the paint already applied. No such care need be taken with the abstract form, but with this form there is not a good idea how the piece will look like until it is finished. This process is not like stained or leaded glass work in that it is not intended to hang in a window with light coming through the piece. Hanging on a wall, framed or unframed, with a lot of light directed towards the piece provides best viewing.
This style of painting is found in traditional Romanian icons originating from Transylvania.

Captain Joseph Huddart - Chinese reverse glass painting from c. 1785-9.

Untitled, Regina Reim, reverse glass painting, 21st century

How to determine if your shade is hand painted?

How to determine if your shade is hand painted?

I came across this great article and wanted to share this information with my followers. Information is key to knowledge, they say! If that is true this article will assist both novice and collectors to reverse hand painting and hopefully make you all fall in Love with the process like we did!
Please let us know your thoughts or if you have any questions that we can answer, please feel free to contacts us and we will be happy help!


So here is the article: unsigned

How to determine if your shade is hand painted?

The art of painting glass lamp shades was developed in Europe around 1730’s. Common themes include patterns, floral, collages, and landscapes. Painted shades could use acrylics, watercolors, or oil based paint. Early tradition placed the painting on the exterior of the shade. In the late 1890’s a new style of reverse painted was popularized by Philip J. Handel.
Example of Handel Style Lamp 

Other painted shades include tam, student shades and fonts. After the paint is applied the shade is fired in a kiln at over 800 degrees Fahrenheit. Firing the shade fuses the paint with the shade for durability and longevity. An easy way to determine if the paint had been fired is to use an eraser and gently rub the paint. Paint that has been fired in a kiln will not rub off.

Example of Hand Painted Shade 

Example of Hand Decorated (Decal) Shade 
To determine if the shade has decal or hand painted decoration requires close examination. Painted shades have the paint texture applied to the shade. Decals are almost perfect and the repetition of attributes is uniform. In other words, the images have no flaws and every leaf, pedal, or cherub is exactly the same. Skilled glass painters can create images of near perfection.  There maybe a subtle difference between each leaf and the subtleness provides .

Example of Hand Decorated (Decal)

The article is not signed! 

The Home To Mikael's Patron Bottle!

Patrón Pendant Lamp
Mikael Darni
The beauty of the hand crafted Patrón bottle inspired a One of a Kind, reverse hand painted, “Illuminated” work of art. As done by the turn of the last century glass artists, Galle, Handel and Pairpoint.

                 Limited Edition Series 

                       Only 2 remain

                       "Free Shipping"
                           USA only

            Act Now email: gloriadarni@yahoo.com

- See more at: 

We want to thank our friends at Patron for placing Mikael's Pendant Lamp in such a beautiful kitchen!  Mikael enjoyed being part of such a wonderful competition. Mikael was inspired by his fellow Patron artists, everyone had such extraordinary quality and detail in each and every bottle. We are proud to have been among so many talented artists.    

The End Of an Era!

Mikael and I are sad to hear that the Pismo Galleries located in Colorado are closing this year by April 2015. Ulla Darni inc. started their friendship/business back in the 1990's and has had success both personally and in business!
The owner of the Pismo Gallery's, Sandy Sardella is retiring after bringing beauty to so many satisfied clients.
Sandy & Mikael worked on numerous projects over the past 2 decades in order to deliver Amazing reverse hand painted lighting to countless homes and businesses.

We wish Sandy many happy days where ever the next part of her journey brings her!

Phoenix Rising

Hello all,

Sorry for the time in between blogs, the Holidays we full of excitement and joy. 

January held other ideas for our parent company Ulla Darni Inc. At  the beginning  of the coldest night in January I was woken by the dogs barking, as always we hushed them and as if in a dream the phone began to ring. Chills ran down my spine as I walked through the house to see down at the bottom of our hill five fire trucks, lights blazing pumping water out of our pond. Fear raced through my body as it had 10 years ago when we lost the family home to another fire. Anyone who has ever been through this kind of event will tell how frightening fire can be. 
We are happy to say that no one was injured. Thank God!

We continue to be inspired daily by the beauty of nature around us; our goal is to rebuild from the fire that destroyed our glass house where we prepare our glass for painting, it also housed our "naked glass inventory and much of our equipment. It is quite a loss.

We want to thank all that have called with kind words and well wishes! So many offering their help at a time in need.  Love and Light to all. Thanks for the help.

 Like the Phoenix we will rise from the flames!


Mery Christmas

Miami is calling

Mikael wants to thanks all that helped him this year! With your support Mikael has now made it into the Miami exhibition! Truly a great year!!!!
You are invited to exhibit your work at the premier international cultural event of the season.
Miami Art Week is the hottest cultural event of the season. This year SCOPE has teamed up with VH1 to host the fair at the most visible location in Miami, on the sands of South Beach Miami. SCOPE Miami's 70,000 sq. ft. pavilion will host the art world's elite on an outdoor beach lounge and stunning views of the ocean, nestled amongst the iconic architecture of world famous Ocean Drive at 10th Street.
Renowned for presenting the most innovative work, SCOPE Art Shows in Miami, Basel, New York, London and the Hamptons have garnered extensive critical acclaim, with sales of over $450 million and attendance of over 700,000 visitors.
SCOPE Miami is the place for artists, photographers and forward thinking fashion designers to be discovered by a coveted international audience. You are invited to have a piece of it.
The Grand Prize Jury Panel:Alexis HubshmanFounder, SCOPE Art Show
ALEXIS HUBSHMAN is the founder of SCOPE Art Show, The largest and most global art fair in the world for emerging contemporary art and multi-disciplinary creative programming. SCOPE Art Shows in Miami, Basel and New York have garnered extensive critical acclaim, with sales of over $500 million and attendance of over 700,000 visitors. Hubshman is a graduate of Bard College and a native New Yorker.
Daria Brit GreeneVice President, SCOPE Art Show
Born and raised in New York CIty, Daria Brit Greene is the Vice President of SCOPE Art Show and a Curator best known for orchestrating cross-genre collaborations between art, fashion, music and film. Projects and exhibitions from Daria's 15-year curatorial career have garnered critical acclaim in such publications as The New York Times, Art in America, The Village Voice, Elle.com, Vogue, Refinery29, New York Magazine, The Huffington Post, BlackBook, Time Out New York, Artnet, Artinfo, The Miami Herald, The Miami New Times, Ocean Drive, amongst other publications.
The Category Jurors:David McFaddenChief Curator and Vice President for Programs and Collections - Museum of Art & Design (MAD)Liz ThompsonPublicity Director - PhaidonEvan PriccoEditor in Chief - JuxtapozSabrina Y. SmithCuratorial Advisor - The Ground Magazine

The Exhibition and Outside Mural!

 Mikael has worked long hours and it shows in his work! Uploaded some images of Mikael's outdoor mural that was installed for an apartment complex. This is the first of several murals that Mikael will be painting. Please let us know if you enjoy the new installation.
We wanted to remind everyone about the NY exhibition and were hoping that if you see Mikael's work at any of the below mentioned locations that you would let us know or even send us an image of the work with you in front of it!
 The exhibition is currently taking over New York and Mikael is elated to be part of THE CREATIVES RISING EXHIBITION!
This October, See Me members from around the globe will be presented in a massive 30 story tall projection mapping event in New York City alongside a fashion show and party featuring work created by you.  This September, leading up to the Creatives Rising Exhibition, your work will be part of a globally recognized projection campaign throughout New York City, taking over these locations:
Art Locations
Gagosian Gallery
522 W 21st St
1334 York Ave
Christie’s House
1230 Avenue of the Americas
1071 5th Ave
11 W 53rd St
Fashion Locations
Conde Nast
4 Times Square
  America Tower
1 Bryant Park (during fashion week)
Bergdorf Goodman
754 5th Ave
724 5th Ave
LVMH Tower
(Louis Vuitton US HQ
) 944 5th Ave
Music Locations
Radio City Music Hall
1260 Avenue of the Americas
Carnegie Hall
881 7th Ave
Madison Square Garden
4 Pennsylvania Plaza
Sony Tower
550 Madison Ave
Island Def Jam
75 9th Ave
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Where to begin your Lighting Renovation?
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