Mikael Darni & Company - Mikael Darni one of the 10 Finalist in the Art of Patron!
Patrón Pendant Lamp

Mikael Darni

The beauty of the hand crafted Patrón bottle inspired a "One of a Kind", reverse hand painted, “Illuminated” work of art.
 As done by the turn of the last century glass artists, Galle, Handel and   Pairpoint.
            Limited Edition Series 
               "Made to Order"
                       Work With Mikael for Custom Colors
                Only 2 remain!

                 "Free Shipping"
                                            USA only
                 Act Now email: gloriadarni@yahoo.com

We want to thank our friends at Patron for placing Mikael's Pendant Lamp in such a beautiful kitchen!  Mikael enjoyed being part of such a wonderful competition. Mikael was inspired by his fellow Patron artists, everyone had such extraordinary quality and detail in each and every bottle. We are proud to have been among so many talented artists.   

SlideShow Of Finishing Bottle:

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